Saturday, February 2, 2013

Commission sketches

Incoming commission sketches~  the full versions will be delivered shortly on DA or H-foundry.

This is actually an alternate version of a upcoming commission from Flak the Jack.

Upcoming futa commish of Infernal person's ocs, Chickpea and Shell.


  1. I think I liked the original version of the Mortal and the Sex Goddess a lot more than the one posted on HF.

    For one, her feet look a lot better.
    But I also like the teasing way in which she presses her knee against one of her huge boobs. :D

    1. This one is actually the alternative. I wasn't completely happy with the original as I found it a bit mild so I whipped this one up and had tons of fun.

    2. I think you told me something like that on you comment on the original that was posted on HF, yes.

      And I'm glad you had fun with it!
      I hope we get to see this Goddess in even naughtier positions in the future...if you know what I mean. =3