Monday, December 31, 2012

Commission: A wild Night out

Featuring Doppleswagger's characters Reanbu and Tenei with my newly created goo girl, who has a fetish for watching?

Zomg an update!  Yes, the holidays are nearly over and the wheels have started to turn again. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Commission: R.Mika vs. Makoto ROUND 1

Pencil/tight sketch commission of R.Mika putting the squeeze on Makoto. 

A completely normal update?

That's right... no naked bodies.  It's amazing. I do draw things without bare boobs.  I just don't show anyone because it's embarrassing. Who am I beyond the raging sack of hormones!?!  Let's take a look at the personal project I am working on.  Some know of it already, but few know the details. Let's talk about Nao~, the comic.

The main character

Nao, the one kicking the guy in the balls or gut, (I get those confused) is the main character.  What makes her interesting?  Well other than big boobs as a comedic device, she is deaf and mute.  The first few comics I have planned are basically her coping in a society where she doesn't belong.  Or rather, the society coping to her not understanding that she doesn't belong.  The citizens would forcefully remove her but for some unknown reason, she has been granted immunity by the village elder. dun dun dunnn


Chu is Nao's pet.  Is he part of a defective race of tentacle monsters or simply an over sized worm/slug that is in denial?  The world may never know.  Anyways, Chu is attracted to Nao for completely unknown reasons  (uhuh)  and has made it his goal to do what tentacle monsters do best.  p.s. It's a old picture but I sill like the feel of it.

Onions for heads?
This is Allium Shallot.  a.k.a. Onion head.  She is a crappy guard who is basically given the worst job in the guard; Nao duty.  It's basically her job to prevent any mishaps that may occur when Nao roams the streets.

 The love interest?

 Varen is the closest thing to a love interest there is at the moment in the first three issues.  He is the person that found Nao in the wild and also the one that brought her into society with the Elder's overwhelmingly positive consent.  She resides with him and is currently under his tutelage.  Although labeled as one of two blacksmith's in the village, he is a jack of many trades, craves the open road and has an un-quenchable curiosity about the world.

The Pirate Baker

 The Pirate Baker is essentially Nao's first recurring enemy.  The asshole never has eggs or ham for Nao to buy.  Each encounter they have ends up with him buying more and more goons.  Can he afford that many people on a baker's salary?

Good bye Mr. Goon. Welcome to early retirement.

The General/ Knight Commander

 If ever their was an elf with a stick up his ass, it's this guy.  He is second in command, right below the Elder.  He is Nao's arch nemesis that she will never know about and is looking for any/every excuse to throw her our. 

The Elder

And finally we have the elder.  Is he the old perverted coot or the kind hearted grandpa? What reasons does he have for letting Nao stay? IS THERE MORE TO HIM THAN MEETS THE EYE or just the enabler of chaos? Or is he just stoned?

 Well that's it for now.  I'll eventually move this over to a new blog that I'm opening.  It will be "Everything Nao"  I had hoped to get the first comic out by late December but that ain't happening.  Apparently you need money to print (I'm not dense, just sarcastic) So commissions will give me the extra cash I need in order to get things done.  Also, it isn't exactly finished.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Some art that I do for fun, I just don't stick with to the end.  I'm not saying that I wont eventually
finish them... but at the moment, these pieces are stuck in limbo!

High kick or really weird run?

 I really liked this one at first.  It was cool.  Featured a chick doing a jump split kick.  How could I not like it?  but eventually I saw it.  I SAAAW IT.   What did I see? That she might have momentum in the opposite direction and that she might in fact, be running really strange.  Or that her foot was touching the unfinished basketball goal and that she was a giant.  GAHhdha So yeah, almost finished but requires some touch ups to get it the way I want it.


This one started out as a commission from someone awesome.  (they gave me a lax time frame and I was able to collect myself)  It was initially one of his characters with leliana from dragon age.  I was like "HEY! I wanna turn this into a Shepard and Leliana pice.  You know, Bioware characters hur hur.
Then later I was like...HEY. I want to turn this into a Male Shepard on Female Shepard piece.  TIME PARADOX. HUR HUR.  Then.  THEN I was like.. I want to make this a metaphor for masterbation.

So... I put a picture of Tali.  

This picture is just something strange. lol

His face also looks slightly off.  


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Digital Trading Card Idea

Trading cards!?!

I have this strange idea for digital trading cards for the iphone or a tablet device.

I would basically create about 100 different images, similar in content to the one above.

They would then be sold in digital packs of 5, randomized cards and could be traded
amongst peers using a digital album platform specifically designed for these cards. ( I have no clue how to do this as I am an idiot when it comes to computer programs and programing. XD)

Not only does a pack come with 5 cards, but also the program to interact and use them with.

Tapping owned card in program would flip it, revealing a story or other interesting surprises.

My whole problem with trading cards of the past was, since packs were randomized in which cards you would get, there was always the possibility of getting more duplicates than you could trade.

I would solve this problem by having duplicates unlock the true potentials of the illustration by slowly...

Removing articles of clothing or changing elements of the picture after a certain amount of the same card is reached.

So for example, the above would occur after 5 duplicates.

 This one after 7

Until finally after 15...

Anyways, Just sharing my off the wall thoughts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Misc. Sketch update

Of hedgehogs and turtles.

Just some warm up sketches.

Tina from doa 

Tina looking rather bored. Altered version of one of her costumes in the new DOA.

Do wah?


Scrapped comic.  Why was it scrapped? Cause it featured a man eating troll that found himself a demon/human hybrid that regenerates her limbs.  Infinite source of food! the catch was, that every time she sustained any traumatic wounds, her brain would reset, causing her to forget everything.  Of course the comic starts off with her being freed but still. lol >_>

Monday, November 12, 2012

Battlelord Academy

Battlelord Academy was inspired by a pretty fun concept that I first discovered over at The concept being, viewers are presented with a few choices to pick from and they guide the fate of the comic by voting for the most desirable direction.

The first decisions the viewers made was deciding the genre, setting and the lead character's attributes.

The lead character ended up being athletic, nice and assertive, with long hair and medium/large chest.

The setting ended up being fantasy in a school type environment.

The genre was comedy/adventure. This was basically the setup for a shonen with a female lead.

  So I ended up creating Farah and her Bff Apiaceae.

 The idea behind these two was for them to be in the middle of training at a school/college named Battlelord Academy.  In the process of learning new battle techniques and honing their skills they would explore their sexual boundaries as well. 

Of course, due to the nature of's and its audience (Which I love), It seems impossible to really embellish the whole training/adventure aspects of a shonen when erotic themes are needed every page.

 I'm not complaining but It has made me think that I want to draw a comic that seems mainstream but features completely uncensored erotic parts that come naturally and are not rushed.  Think a older Naruto that finally bangs Hinata. But it's cannon and uncensored.  


I can't really discuss the comic anymore as pictures are worth a thousand words.  Albeit a thousand, possibly confusing words.
 Apiaceae being shy.

A lesson in manners.  Close your mouth Api.

I know I've posted the character sketch and this one before, but since it was relevant to the topic, I figured I'd show them again.

5 lips and 2 butts

Oh Hi.

Farah and her bff Apiaceae

This is your nipple Apiacea.  See?  who said you didn't learn anything in school.

Wait, what?

So this picture taken out of context of the comic, looks pretty odd. 

Oh well. XD

  In a recent pole the viewers voted to have the magic user, Jack (the guy walking toward them)  Pleasure both Apiaceae and Farah.  How will he do so?  DUN DUN DUN.  I'm pretty confident in it's originality. :x

Tune in over at to find out. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More sketches

Just a sketch update.  I'll have a colored stuff update soon.

Just stretching

that mini dress obviously isn't doing its job.


Failed commission design that wasn't anthro enough.

Ughgh I don't know.
It's all about the coat and a little about the machetes.

Started off innocently enough  (skimpy outfitted pokemon character playing vollyball is innocent?)
and ended up being nsfv.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Random new sketches!

I broke a rib so I have used it as an excuse to be lazy.
At least that is what I tell myself, post crippling pain.

Zomg, is that Bruce Lee's suit?!

Slightly more realistic shaded, Nao.
Looks strange. lol

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time STOP! and bop

Move out of the way food, there is a new banana in town.

And here we have the first comic of Time STOP! and bop.  
The idea behind the comic was to take one of the most popular themes occurring in the H-world
right now and couple it onto one of the more popular answers to the "If I had a super power, what would it be?"  question.  

The idea behind Kali's design (the punk with the blue/green hair) was for her to both mimic a male and female.  When she is un-aroused, she would be feminine and when she was, masculine.  The right side of her head was to represent the female, featuring longer hair, while the left side male and short.  The stalkings she wears were too make her look sorta like a bee and what appears between her legs, the stinger.  She was a hodge podge of designs.

Nothing really special to say about Juliet other than she's just a slut.

At first, I wanted the series to look grungy but over time it ended up changing quiet
a bit over its 5 page run.  My style was in the process of changing itself, so trying something new
was a bit risky.

On the second page, the figures became more elongated and a little cleaner looking.  This was closer to my original style.  It still had hints of the grung from earlier, as the lines I used to draw in were still thick and black.

Eventually it turned into this.  It was a lot cleaner and featured thin dark brown inks.  The faces were a little in between the first pages grung style and the more elongated style of the second.  All in all, I like this version best. 

Now, Time STOP! and bop 2 is out and looking slightly different again, both character wise and stylistically. 

The reason for the wardrobe change was for a couple reasons.   I was unsatisfied with the original designs and wanted to indicate a time jump.  

Now, universes collide and Bitch Kate Smith, joins the party.  Pleasure note is now a part of Time STOP! and bop.

Where will it go next!?!

The comics are property of

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pleasure Note

Is that a dildo Chainsaw?

Why, yes, yes it is.  This is a panel from the upcoming fourth page of Pleasure note, a Death note parody located over at

This series is fun to draw.  for obvious reasons. :X


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Sketches

Concept art for the intergalactic space babes project and random.

Q: Hey Chu, these look cool, but what are they for?
A: It's for and I'm in the process of designing
my own 4-12 page mini comic for a anthology.

Q: What kind of comic is it going to be?
A: It's going to be erotic of course.   But basically the premise behind it is that this
female mechanic has been stuck out in space with her ship for a while, either due to a black hole's
pull or some kind of Bermuda triangle in space.  She entertains herself with the small robots that she makes in various ways.

Q: That doesn't sound all that erotic.
A: uhhhh well... I'm trying something different.  IT WILL BE EROTIC.  Just not super
in your face, offensive erotic.

Q: WTF chu
A: There will be other comics featuring offensive erotic situations if that's your thing.  (not that
I'm against it of course)  Or maybe I'll make it super in your face offensive erotic.  >_>;;;

Q: Whats with future Sunny and Raiden?  That's sorta...weird!
A: That is to make up for the lack of over-all offense on the page.
Besides, they aren't related and she is legal now.  Rose and the baby are fine with it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Old old old sketched comics

The Finer Tentacles in Life.

This was actually done a long time ago when my art was worse but I still like it.
 I guess it was one of thosefreak accidents of art where you draw like your two 
years more advanced.

Size is everything

Another old one back when I went by simply "The Tentacle Monster" 
I still like the concept of the comic although the art is a little crude. 

H-school : The best environment for education

Another fine example of my terrible writing and a girl flashing a teacher.
I was going to post the second page but it got violent for some reason and
involved a baseball bat.  I guess I got bored.

Q: Zomg Chu, When are you going to show your current work?  These are great but...

A: It shouldn't be much longer you impudent fools.  A tentacle can only
work so hard.  The rest of the time is spent relaxing and sipping margaritas.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What is this shi#%

Todays update involves older art  that I started and never completed due to various reasons.

Ho wont shut up!

"...and then she said to me that If I didn't back off, that she would slap me in the liver".

lol.  On this one there were a few things I didn't care about, her face being one.  Mostly though, It was my inks that ruined it for me.  It was a decent sketch though so maybe I'll mess with it later.  

Zomg, they are huge!

It looks like she is trying to keep her balance due to her humungous tumors.  Where
was this picture going in my head?

Other than a giant tentacle that is oozing little blue rolly pollies, she has some thick appendages. 
Look at those hands! good god!

Sexy tenta...Could you get in a more sexy pose?

Those poses are icky. The second one isn't too bad but good gosh at the first one.
and also, a valentines day picture where the tentacle is "drooling" on the chocolate.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Intergalactic dump

I mean sketch dump.

I've posted it everywhere else, might as well post it here and spread the word. 

Sketches for a comic I'm working on to submit to the INTERGALACTIC SPACE BABES project.

I can't wait to share the story with everyone!  It's going to be a pain in the ass
keeping it secret.  haha

Inspiration from Mass Effect, Evangelion and Gantz.  (with a hint of firefly)