Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time STOP! and bop

Move out of the way food, there is a new banana in town.

And here we have the first comic of Time STOP! and bop.  
The idea behind the comic was to take one of the most popular themes occurring in the H-world
right now and couple it onto one of the more popular answers to the "If I had a super power, what would it be?"  question.  

The idea behind Kali's design (the punk with the blue/green hair) was for her to both mimic a male and female.  When she is un-aroused, she would be feminine and when she was, masculine.  The right side of her head was to represent the female, featuring longer hair, while the left side male and short.  The stalkings she wears were too make her look sorta like a bee and what appears between her legs, the stinger.  She was a hodge podge of designs.

Nothing really special to say about Juliet other than she's just a slut.

At first, I wanted the series to look grungy but over time it ended up changing quiet
a bit over its 5 page run.  My style was in the process of changing itself, so trying something new
was a bit risky.

On the second page, the figures became more elongated and a little cleaner looking.  This was closer to my original style.  It still had hints of the grung from earlier, as the lines I used to draw in were still thick and black.

Eventually it turned into this.  It was a lot cleaner and featured thin dark brown inks.  The faces were a little in between the first pages grung style and the more elongated style of the second.  All in all, I like this version best. 

Now, Time STOP! and bop 2 is out and looking slightly different again, both character wise and stylistically. 

The reason for the wardrobe change was for a couple reasons.   I was unsatisfied with the original designs and wanted to indicate a time jump.  

Now, universes collide and Bitch Kate Smith, joins the party.  Pleasure note is now a part of Time STOP! and bop.

Where will it go next!?!

The comics are property of

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pleasure Note

Is that a dildo Chainsaw?

Why, yes, yes it is.  This is a panel from the upcoming fourth page of Pleasure note, a Death note parody located over at

This series is fun to draw.  for obvious reasons. :X


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Sketches

Concept art for the intergalactic space babes project and random.

Q: Hey Chu, these look cool, but what are they for?
A: It's for and I'm in the process of designing
my own 4-12 page mini comic for a anthology.

Q: What kind of comic is it going to be?
A: It's going to be erotic of course.   But basically the premise behind it is that this
female mechanic has been stuck out in space with her ship for a while, either due to a black hole's
pull or some kind of Bermuda triangle in space.  She entertains herself with the small robots that she makes in various ways.

Q: That doesn't sound all that erotic.
A: uhhhh well... I'm trying something different.  IT WILL BE EROTIC.  Just not super
in your face, offensive erotic.

Q: WTF chu
A: There will be other comics featuring offensive erotic situations if that's your thing.  (not that
I'm against it of course)  Or maybe I'll make it super in your face offensive erotic.  >_>;;;

Q: Whats with future Sunny and Raiden?  That's sorta...weird!
A: That is to make up for the lack of over-all offense on the page.
Besides, they aren't related and she is legal now.  Rose and the baby are fine with it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Old old old sketched comics

The Finer Tentacles in Life.

This was actually done a long time ago when my art was worse but I still like it.
 I guess it was one of thosefreak accidents of art where you draw like your two 
years more advanced.

Size is everything

Another old one back when I went by simply "The Tentacle Monster" 
I still like the concept of the comic although the art is a little crude. 

H-school : The best environment for education

Another fine example of my terrible writing and a girl flashing a teacher.
I was going to post the second page but it got violent for some reason and
involved a baseball bat.  I guess I got bored.

Q: Zomg Chu, When are you going to show your current work?  These are great but...

A: It shouldn't be much longer you impudent fools.  A tentacle can only
work so hard.  The rest of the time is spent relaxing and sipping margaritas.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What is this shi#%

Todays update involves older art  that I started and never completed due to various reasons.

Ho wont shut up!

"...and then she said to me that If I didn't back off, that she would slap me in the liver".

lol.  On this one there were a few things I didn't care about, her face being one.  Mostly though, It was my inks that ruined it for me.  It was a decent sketch though so maybe I'll mess with it later.  

Zomg, they are huge!

It looks like she is trying to keep her balance due to her humungous tumors.  Where
was this picture going in my head?

Other than a giant tentacle that is oozing little blue rolly pollies, she has some thick appendages. 
Look at those hands! good god!

Sexy tenta...Could you get in a more sexy pose?

Those poses are icky. The second one isn't too bad but good gosh at the first one.
and also, a valentines day picture where the tentacle is "drooling" on the chocolate.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Intergalactic dump

I mean sketch dump.

I've posted it everywhere else, might as well post it here and spread the word. 

Sketches for a comic I'm working on to submit to the INTERGALACTIC SPACE BABES project.

I can't wait to share the story with everyone!  It's going to be a pain in the ass
keeping it secret.  haha

Inspiration from Mass Effect, Evangelion and Gantz.  (with a hint of firefly)

Battlelord Acadamy (working title)

Meet, Nina Apiaceae! My latest oc making her first appearance in BATTLELORD ACADEMY, a exclusive mini comic.

That is a working title name as I'm still now sure what to call it exactly.  Basically the book is about
students at a academy being trained for combat in a fantasy/technilogical setting. 

I'm not sure how much training will get done since it's a
porn comic though. haha

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Drive Through

I was so tired when I drew this but I just 
kept on going... and this is what

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monster Update

Anubite and the Queen

That's a good way to dull those blades.

Lord of Change

Bums are his best friends.

 Random wolf guy with Tifa and Zoey

I have no comment for this one... I mean... cmon.
What do these three have in common at all?  
-brain explodes-

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Commission dump

Vanille and Fang's chocolate obsession!  
It's chocolate people. O_O

Zelda... that's not Link!

 Just making sure she has a little fun before she bites the big one.

Cammy's new move in Streetfighter 4 turbo super extra magnificent vs. Marvel to infinity.

Juri and X-23

Zomg! Here it is, the full version.

Cutepet select panel dump from the comic series: RANDOM ACTS OF TENTACLE!

Monster Wardens

My first comic for cutepet.  I liked the concept quiet well.
Maybe I'll do a sequel page...

The Offering

Giant angel + big boobed demon = ...

Time STOP! and bop

By far the most popular of the series featuring a futa who can
stop time!? 
Beware: A sequel is inbound.  SOON

Pleasure Note

A parody-ish vision of Deathnote.
I probably have the most fun on this one because
I enjoy drawing monsters and strange things.
Who does'nt like a 3 vagina'd Ryuk inspired sex god?

Cheap Fun

Who pays two fitteh to get tentacle raped?
Apparently this elf girl does.  
A truely random act of tentacling. Except she was
expecting it.

Mass Erect 

A Mass Effect parody comic.
Probably the second most popular of the group.

Druid Vs. Assassin

This is a revamp of one of my original
conceptions before I was payed to
do art. Those of you who have seen the 
original know what to expect except now its
re-imagined and in 3d...I mean color.

So, whats up next?  

TMC Member's Choice Comic!

I'll have an update with a sneak peak soon!  Although
you can already see the character sketches on a earlier post. :x

So CHU! where can I find these comics!?! I'll tell you!
 They are over at

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random sketch dump

 Kick, punch, It's all in the mind.

Uncensored version of the kick. and by un-censored I mean no panties.

 Now wait, where did that come from?

Designs for an upcoming comic over at


Scrapped Juri and Azula picture. 
But Chu, why was it scrapped?
Because it might seem sexy at first, but it ends up
being a massive fart joke.  
open flame...butt plug... 
-face palm- 

Goo girl sketches for

Character concepts for the cutepet comic now known as
Mass Erect. 

Sophistication through hard work?

I did it... I figured out the basics! 


Seeing things differently

Ah yes!  Now I see.

The second post will explain much!

First time for something common?


Well, It's official.  I don't know what the f$(k I'm doing. 

Being a tentacle monster and all I never really took much time to learn the intricacies of the intr0nets.  This means I know jack about facebook, my space, twitter, blogger and well... you get the idea.  The extent of my posting knowledge is...well, Deviantart and hentai-foundary.  

But that's about to change.