Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cutepet panel selects!

For those who don't know, is where I work.  Actually, work is an ugly word so instead
let's say... it's where Ecchi and Mina (the owners) pay me to play.  It's great fun there and Ecchi is an extraordinary artist. 

Time Stop and Bop! is one of my original comics and it seems like it's doing fairly well.  It features a girl, who under the right circumstances, becomes a futa and stops time! On occasion, I upload random panels from some of the pages. Here are some new panels.

Time Stop! and bop

Juliet having some fun.

Also, I have one more crop I'd like to share from a possible up-coming comic that
will be featured on Cutepet.

This comic features a cold female bounty hunter and a captain that wants to get to know her
a bit better.  Just when he is starting to get through to her, something happens!

The story is already entirely done and sketched out, it's just waiting to be inked and colored.  It should be fun!

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