Saturday, June 22, 2013


Just going to throw random things everyone's way, today.

The Three Chickas~

Here is three characters I was designing for a upcoming h-comic.
The one in the middle isn't exactly new as I used her in a somewhat failed comic a while back.
The one on the right also looks too much like my other character,Nao, but it isn't.  I have got to change some things a bit to make her more unique. lol  the one on the left?  I have no clue.


 This was another concept for a comic involving fighting lesbians.  
Not too original but hey.  I still might make it in the future. :o


And this because I accidentally removed it from Deviantart,or rather, I had a lapse in judgement.
I still find it hilarious but I can see how it's offensive to fans. lol

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