Sunday, November 18, 2012

A completely normal update?

That's right... no naked bodies.  It's amazing. I do draw things without bare boobs.  I just don't show anyone because it's embarrassing. Who am I beyond the raging sack of hormones!?!  Let's take a look at the personal project I am working on.  Some know of it already, but few know the details. Let's talk about Nao~, the comic.

The main character

Nao, the one kicking the guy in the balls or gut, (I get those confused) is the main character.  What makes her interesting?  Well other than big boobs as a comedic device, she is deaf and mute.  The first few comics I have planned are basically her coping in a society where she doesn't belong.  Or rather, the society coping to her not understanding that she doesn't belong.  The citizens would forcefully remove her but for some unknown reason, she has been granted immunity by the village elder. dun dun dunnn


Chu is Nao's pet.  Is he part of a defective race of tentacle monsters or simply an over sized worm/slug that is in denial?  The world may never know.  Anyways, Chu is attracted to Nao for completely unknown reasons  (uhuh)  and has made it his goal to do what tentacle monsters do best.  p.s. It's a old picture but I sill like the feel of it.

Onions for heads?
This is Allium Shallot.  a.k.a. Onion head.  She is a crappy guard who is basically given the worst job in the guard; Nao duty.  It's basically her job to prevent any mishaps that may occur when Nao roams the streets.

 The love interest?

 Varen is the closest thing to a love interest there is at the moment in the first three issues.  He is the person that found Nao in the wild and also the one that brought her into society with the Elder's overwhelmingly positive consent.  She resides with him and is currently under his tutelage.  Although labeled as one of two blacksmith's in the village, he is a jack of many trades, craves the open road and has an un-quenchable curiosity about the world.

The Pirate Baker

 The Pirate Baker is essentially Nao's first recurring enemy.  The asshole never has eggs or ham for Nao to buy.  Each encounter they have ends up with him buying more and more goons.  Can he afford that many people on a baker's salary?

Good bye Mr. Goon. Welcome to early retirement.

The General/ Knight Commander

 If ever their was an elf with a stick up his ass, it's this guy.  He is second in command, right below the Elder.  He is Nao's arch nemesis that she will never know about and is looking for any/every excuse to throw her our. 

The Elder

And finally we have the elder.  Is he the old perverted coot or the kind hearted grandpa? What reasons does he have for letting Nao stay? IS THERE MORE TO HIM THAN MEETS THE EYE or just the enabler of chaos? Or is he just stoned?

 Well that's it for now.  I'll eventually move this over to a new blog that I'm opening.  It will be "Everything Nao"  I had hoped to get the first comic out by late December but that ain't happening.  Apparently you need money to print (I'm not dense, just sarcastic) So commissions will give me the extra cash I need in order to get things done.  Also, it isn't exactly finished.

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