Thursday, November 15, 2012


Some art that I do for fun, I just don't stick with to the end.  I'm not saying that I wont eventually
finish them... but at the moment, these pieces are stuck in limbo!

High kick or really weird run?

 I really liked this one at first.  It was cool.  Featured a chick doing a jump split kick.  How could I not like it?  but eventually I saw it.  I SAAAW IT.   What did I see? That she might have momentum in the opposite direction and that she might in fact, be running really strange.  Or that her foot was touching the unfinished basketball goal and that she was a giant.  GAHhdha So yeah, almost finished but requires some touch ups to get it the way I want it.


This one started out as a commission from someone awesome.  (they gave me a lax time frame and I was able to collect myself)  It was initially one of his characters with leliana from dragon age.  I was like "HEY! I wanna turn this into a Shepard and Leliana pice.  You know, Bioware characters hur hur.
Then later I was like...HEY. I want to turn this into a Male Shepard on Female Shepard piece.  TIME PARADOX. HUR HUR.  Then.  THEN I was like.. I want to make this a metaphor for masterbation.

So... I put a picture of Tali.  

This picture is just something strange. lol

His face also looks slightly off.  


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