Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Digital Trading Card Idea

Trading cards!?!

I have this strange idea for digital trading cards for the iphone or a tablet device.

I would basically create about 100 different images, similar in content to the one above.

They would then be sold in digital packs of 5, randomized cards and could be traded
amongst peers using a digital album platform specifically designed for these cards. ( I have no clue how to do this as I am an idiot when it comes to computer programs and programing. XD)

Not only does a pack come with 5 cards, but also the program to interact and use them with.

Tapping owned card in program would flip it, revealing a story or other interesting surprises.

My whole problem with trading cards of the past was, since packs were randomized in which cards you would get, there was always the possibility of getting more duplicates than you could trade.

I would solve this problem by having duplicates unlock the true potentials of the illustration by slowly...

Removing articles of clothing or changing elements of the picture after a certain amount of the same card is reached.

So for example, the above would occur after 5 duplicates.

 This one after 7

Until finally after 15...

Anyways, Just sharing my off the wall thoughts.


  1. I would have to say it is a great idea, I would get them.