Monday, November 12, 2012

Battlelord Academy

Battlelord Academy was inspired by a pretty fun concept that I first discovered over at The concept being, viewers are presented with a few choices to pick from and they guide the fate of the comic by voting for the most desirable direction.

The first decisions the viewers made was deciding the genre, setting and the lead character's attributes.

The lead character ended up being athletic, nice and assertive, with long hair and medium/large chest.

The setting ended up being fantasy in a school type environment.

The genre was comedy/adventure. This was basically the setup for a shonen with a female lead.

  So I ended up creating Farah and her Bff Apiaceae.

 The idea behind these two was for them to be in the middle of training at a school/college named Battlelord Academy.  In the process of learning new battle techniques and honing their skills they would explore their sexual boundaries as well. 

Of course, due to the nature of's and its audience (Which I love), It seems impossible to really embellish the whole training/adventure aspects of a shonen when erotic themes are needed every page.

 I'm not complaining but It has made me think that I want to draw a comic that seems mainstream but features completely uncensored erotic parts that come naturally and are not rushed.  Think a older Naruto that finally bangs Hinata. But it's cannon and uncensored.  


I can't really discuss the comic anymore as pictures are worth a thousand words.  Albeit a thousand, possibly confusing words.
 Apiaceae being shy.

A lesson in manners.  Close your mouth Api.

I know I've posted the character sketch and this one before, but since it was relevant to the topic, I figured I'd show them again.

5 lips and 2 butts

Oh Hi.

Farah and her bff Apiaceae

This is your nipple Apiacea.  See?  who said you didn't learn anything in school.

Wait, what?

So this picture taken out of context of the comic, looks pretty odd. 

Oh well. XD

  In a recent pole the viewers voted to have the magic user, Jack (the guy walking toward them)  Pleasure both Apiaceae and Farah.  How will he do so?  DUN DUN DUN.  I'm pretty confident in it's originality. :x

Tune in over at to find out. 

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