Sunday, August 12, 2012

What is this shi#%

Todays update involves older art  that I started and never completed due to various reasons.

Ho wont shut up!

"...and then she said to me that If I didn't back off, that she would slap me in the liver".

lol.  On this one there were a few things I didn't care about, her face being one.  Mostly though, It was my inks that ruined it for me.  It was a decent sketch though so maybe I'll mess with it later.  

Zomg, they are huge!

It looks like she is trying to keep her balance due to her humungous tumors.  Where
was this picture going in my head?

Other than a giant tentacle that is oozing little blue rolly pollies, she has some thick appendages. 
Look at those hands! good god!

Sexy tenta...Could you get in a more sexy pose?

Those poses are icky. The second one isn't too bad but good gosh at the first one.
and also, a valentines day picture where the tentacle is "drooling" on the chocolate.

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