Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Sketches

Concept art for the intergalactic space babes project and random.

Q: Hey Chu, these look cool, but what are they for?
A: It's for and I'm in the process of designing
my own 4-12 page mini comic for a anthology.

Q: What kind of comic is it going to be?
A: It's going to be erotic of course.   But basically the premise behind it is that this
female mechanic has been stuck out in space with her ship for a while, either due to a black hole's
pull or some kind of Bermuda triangle in space.  She entertains herself with the small robots that she makes in various ways.

Q: That doesn't sound all that erotic.
A: uhhhh well... I'm trying something different.  IT WILL BE EROTIC.  Just not super
in your face, offensive erotic.

Q: WTF chu
A: There will be other comics featuring offensive erotic situations if that's your thing.  (not that
I'm against it of course)  Or maybe I'll make it super in your face offensive erotic.  >_>;;;

Q: Whats with future Sunny and Raiden?  That's sorta...weird!
A: That is to make up for the lack of over-all offense on the page.
Besides, they aren't related and she is legal now.  Rose and the baby are fine with it.

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