Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time STOP! and bop

Move out of the way food, there is a new banana in town.

And here we have the first comic of Time STOP! and bop.  
The idea behind the comic was to take one of the most popular themes occurring in the H-world
right now and couple it onto one of the more popular answers to the "If I had a super power, what would it be?"  question.  

The idea behind Kali's design (the punk with the blue/green hair) was for her to both mimic a male and female.  When she is un-aroused, she would be feminine and when she was, masculine.  The right side of her head was to represent the female, featuring longer hair, while the left side male and short.  The stalkings she wears were too make her look sorta like a bee and what appears between her legs, the stinger.  She was a hodge podge of designs.

Nothing really special to say about Juliet other than she's just a slut.

At first, I wanted the series to look grungy but over time it ended up changing quiet
a bit over its 5 page run.  My style was in the process of changing itself, so trying something new
was a bit risky.

On the second page, the figures became more elongated and a little cleaner looking.  This was closer to my original style.  It still had hints of the grung from earlier, as the lines I used to draw in were still thick and black.

Eventually it turned into this.  It was a lot cleaner and featured thin dark brown inks.  The faces were a little in between the first pages grung style and the more elongated style of the second.  All in all, I like this version best. 

Now, Time STOP! and bop 2 is out and looking slightly different again, both character wise and stylistically. 

The reason for the wardrobe change was for a couple reasons.   I was unsatisfied with the original designs and wanted to indicate a time jump.  

Now, universes collide and Bitch Kate Smith, joins the party.  Pleasure note is now a part of Time STOP! and bop.

Where will it go next!?!

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