Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cutepet select panel dump from the comic series: RANDOM ACTS OF TENTACLE!

Monster Wardens

My first comic for cutepet.  I liked the concept quiet well.
Maybe I'll do a sequel page...

The Offering

Giant angel + big boobed demon = ...

Time STOP! and bop

By far the most popular of the series featuring a futa who can
stop time!? 
Beware: A sequel is inbound.  SOON

Pleasure Note

A parody-ish vision of Deathnote.
I probably have the most fun on this one because
I enjoy drawing monsters and strange things.
Who does'nt like a 3 vagina'd Ryuk inspired sex god?

Cheap Fun

Who pays two fitteh to get tentacle raped?
Apparently this elf girl does.  
A truely random act of tentacling. Except she was
expecting it.

Mass Erect 

A Mass Effect parody comic.
Probably the second most popular of the group.

Druid Vs. Assassin

This is a revamp of one of my original
conceptions before I was payed to
do art. Those of you who have seen the 
original know what to expect except now its
re-imagined and in 3d...I mean color.

So, whats up next?  

TMC Member's Choice Comic!

I'll have an update with a sneak peak soon!  Although
you can already see the character sketches on a earlier post. :x

So CHU! where can I find these comics!?! I'll tell you!
 They are over at


  1. Wow, amazing batch of work. All on cutepet, you say? Hmmmmmm.

  2. ssssuucchhhh awesome stuff T_T