Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Old old old sketched comics

The Finer Tentacles in Life.

This was actually done a long time ago when my art was worse but I still like it.
 I guess it was one of thosefreak accidents of art where you draw like your two 
years more advanced.

Size is everything

Another old one back when I went by simply "The Tentacle Monster" 
I still like the concept of the comic although the art is a little crude. 

H-school : The best environment for education

Another fine example of my terrible writing and a girl flashing a teacher.
I was going to post the second page but it got violent for some reason and
involved a baseball bat.  I guess I got bored.

Q: Zomg Chu, When are you going to show your current work?  These are great but...

A: It shouldn't be much longer you impudent fools.  A tentacle can only
work so hard.  The rest of the time is spent relaxing and sipping margaritas.

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